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This limited edition combo set of RANG consists of 4 handmade items - 

1) Handmade cloth zipper pouch, in a patchwork of fabrics in shades of green-indigo. This upcycled pouch bag is perfect to carry inside your jhola, for those odds and ends - keys, wallet, make-up, charger ( things that you know you are carrying, but can never find !) 

2) A handwoven cotton silk stole in shades of purple.

3) A set of 2 khaata notebooks hardbound and handmade from fabric panels and fabric remnants of past collections. Compiled with handmade paper.

size : 190 mm X 148 mm   
sheets : 60 sheets / 120 pages

Handmade with Love and packed inside our handmade cloth bag and shipped with a note for the perfect gift for someone you love !

(Or for self love too , and why not !) 

Limited edition

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