Bag Story



We follow the concept of BORO in the studio. The Japanese term “Boro” loosely means ‘too good to waste’.

Our upcycled story started with this concept in mind, almost subconsciously. The simple idea started with the fact that since we make our own fabrics and we see our sketches being conceived into fabric yardages, by our weaver clusters, most times it becomes too sentimental to throw them away. It is ‘too good to waste’.

It was a decision to reduce waste and utilize the remnants of our past collections and fabrics to make newer products. Ever since the brand ‘Paromita Banerjee’ was conceived in 2009, we never threw away any of our waste fabrics. Over the years they got packed in cartons and sealed away. We were of the strong opinion that one day we would use up all our waste and upcycle them into products.

And thus started our upcycled range and at present we use most of our textile wastes into patchwork quilts, bags, handmade notebooks covers / khaata, tassles, buttons and our most awaited kimono during winter each year.

Here we present to you, our labour of love product from our upcycled range: Handmade with love : 

Bags !

Each of our bags are made with leftover stories of past collections, and reinforced with leather. Hence each bag is a single edition piece wherein the patched fabrics are composed and stitched based on the requirement of the particular bag pattern. No two bags will ever be the same or will have repeats. 
It is almost like getting your own little piece of custom couture for the price of a prêt ! 

It is also an extension of our idea of sustainability. Every product/ fabric in this case, should have a lifetime much beyond its limited scope as mere items of “fashion trends”. We believe in making items that become classics in your wardrobe and stand the test of time. The idea behind our upcycled series was to reuse each of the fabrics that we had woven, such that their lifetime goes beyond that particular season for which the original fabrics were conceived for.