Shankha Padma saree - The Bengali NewYear collection

The Shonkhopoddo or the shankha-padma ; literally , "the conch and the lotus" is a classic Bengali taant saree woven in Shantipur. A  staple of the Bengali saree wardrobe , the conch is said to symbolise Narayan (Lord Vishnu) and the lotus his consort , Lakshmi . Together the motifs represent lasting prosperity.

The sarees were traditionally created in the "paachhapere" style, where an additional border would be woven to go across the hips. They would usually be white with the motif in red. 

Once a common sight on Bengali women, especially on auspicious occasions, the motif explicably disappeared from looms around the late sixties. Three generations on , it was  revived from the remnant of an heirloom taant saree to firmly seal its place as a wardrobe classic.

On the occasion of the Bengali New Year, we bring you our version of the classic in a fresh range of colours. The saree you hold in your hands is in 100s count Bengal cotton, as soft as a breeze and carries with it the promise of lasting prosperity.

Shubho Noboborsho I Bengali New Year 1430