Khaata 23.3
Khaata 23.3
Paromita Banerjee

Khaata 23.3

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size : 190 mm X 148 mm   
sheets : 60 sheets / 120 pages

Fabric used: 

Front - Handwoven stripes and ikat
Reverse - In-house woven zari stripes

These khaatas use handmade paper inside which is made of left-over fabric bits of cotton 'ganjee' hosiery which is mixed with jute fibre . This mix is made into a wet pulp and passed through a flat frame.The excess water is drained off and the paper pulp settles down. After drying, this turns into paper. 

We love the handmade fabric latkan detail that you can use as a bookmark.

Handmade with love so that we do not lose the touch of the hand.

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