Organic shift dress
Organic shift dress
Paromita Banerjee

Organic shift dress

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A classic kora ivory dress in organic kala cotton. The sleeves have very fine stitch detailing. 


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The story of Kala Cotton : 
During the infamous 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, the weaver community of Kutch was adversely impacted and had a shroud of uncertainty over their future prospects. Coupled with that, rapid industrialization added to their woes where they were not able to keep pace with the yarn supply from the textile mills, where yarn was made to be bought in bulk. These small scale weavers could not buy their raw materials in bulk. 
While on the other hand, Kutch had a natural source of cotton, this indigenous short staple variety of cotton growing in abundance. Kala. 
As they say, nature always finds a way. Kala cotton, which is by default , organic, did not require the use of any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It was purely a rain fed crop that had a high tolerance for both disease and pests, and requires minimal investment. It is both resilient and resurgent in the face of stressful land conditions.